"Every time I leave the audio industry, I find I can make alot more money...
but I just don't enjoy getting up in the morning."
- Drake Philbrook - 1983

He won't go away! I guess that means we're stuck with him. To find out what we're in for, take a look inside the creative world of Drake Philbrook, the CEO of Sprocket Development International.

Drake Philbrook - The Artist

Drake's creative passion stems from his lifelong love of music. He is an accomplished musician, producer and audio designer. His artistry has helped entertain people around the world. Drake's accomplishments include:

Record Producer / Digital Editor

Digital Recording / Mastering Engineer

Television Sound Effects Designer / Editor

Touring Concert Musician

Drake Philbrook - The Computer Scientist and Product Designer

It has been over ten years since Drake Philbrook put down his guitar and joined the founding partners of Mellotron Digital Corp. Since those early days, Drake has continued to focus on the development, refinement and use of high-end digital audio systems, as evidenced by the prolific body of work listed below.

Drake has become one of the most highly respected design consultants in the pro-audio industry. This year, Drake's most recent project, the Apogee™ MasterTools™ Plug-In, was nominated for the Mix™ Magazine TEC Award.

A brief look at what Drake has been up to in the last 20 years

1988 / Present - President of Sprocket Development International & DSP Software

General Consulting and Contract Development for just about everyone in the audio industry.
Oh, yeah... we make our own stuff, too!

Project Summaries:

1982-88 - Vice President / Director of Product Development for Mellotron Digital Corporation

The Mellotron was the first musical instrument to play recorded sounds. It had a distinctive sound that was popularized by The Beatles, The Moody Blues, Genesis and countless others.

Responsibilities and accomplishments include overall product development of computer/music software and digital-audio hardware products, development of European sales distribution, recruitment of other top industry professionals to fill key positions, and company-wide trouble-shooting in the sales and engineering departments.

Author of various software products including;

  1. The Virtual Instrument User InterfaceÅ utilizing high-resolution graphics and touch-screen technology;
  2. A complete multi-user in-house order entry database on the Macintosh which included customer and technical support tracking, automated inventory control, and dealer/rep billing and commission reporting implemented on a Wide Area Network;
  3. Various MS-DOS and UNIX based digital audio signal processing routines;
  4. Low-level RS-422 and SCSI drivers, interrupt service routines, 68000 operating system for digital-audio.

1979-81 - Director of R&D for Advanced Technology and Research, Inc.

Specializing in lightweight aircraft interior design.

Developed and patented the first all composite (fiberglass and graphite) aircraft seat to receive FAA approval under contract with Cessna Aviation.